Lifestyle Photographer

If you or anyone you know is in need of a lifestyle photographer, please pass along my information.

I am a lifestyle photographer based in Southern California. I specialize is natural lighting and capturing Kodak moments. Prior to photography, I was a professional wedding videographer. I am professional, energetic, personable, and creative! I offer affordable packages and will travel!

You can view a small portfolio of my photos on Facebook. Feel free to contact me there to further discuss your special occasion. I shoot:
β€’ Solo shoots
β€’ Couples shoots
β€’ Engagements & Weddings
β€’ Baby Announcements
β€’ Birthdays
& more!

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"It’s not hard when you love someone. You don’t just do it cuz they like it. You do it cuz the fact it makes them happy makes you happy. A man has to learn the woman 98% of the time comes first. That means losing sleep. I went to bed at 0300 this morning. Had to be up at 730 for work. She called me at 0600 to talk before she went with her fam to the beach. I don’t remember talking but I did for 20 minutes. It’s all about give, take, and compromise."
– Nick Boswell